Ensuring your Orangery door fits well

What is an OrangeryThe whole point of installing patio style doors on your conservatory is to improve the look of your home & enjoy the revitalised living space, so if they don’t function properly, this can lead not only to inconvenience, but expensive rectifications.

When initially sourcing the doors themselves, firstly ensure you are using an accredited double glazed patio door installer – preferable one who is certified by GGF / FENSA or CERTASS. These companies will have been independently assessed for competence by a recognised UK trade body beforehand.

Also important is to ensure the units come with both product & workmanship guarantees, so that if the installation work needs attention, then the company is contractually bound to remedy the work free of charge. Do not fail to check the product warranty, as even the best products can sometime fail and you don’t want to have to pay to have the doors replaced a second time.

In short, choose wisely for an installer who can offer good prices, solid warranties and reputable products. Use the quote finder at www.lowcostconservatory.co.uk

What is a Conservatory Orangery?