An Introduction to uPVC Windows and Similar Products

Fitted UPVC WindowsUn-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC windows and doors have gained popularity in the UK. This is because of the various advantages they offer over their counterparts. Some of these advantages include:

Energy Efficiency: uPVC windows fitted and doors are composed of a material that provides greater thermal insulation than the standard wood or aluminum based products.

This means that you will make huge savings on heating systems during the winters, since these doors and windows will provide adequate insulation, and in the summers, they will help keep the temperature low, thus cutting back the air conditioning costs.

The prices of electricity are on rise in the UK and these products are a great way to save on energy bills.

  • Maintenance: Wooden frames on windows and doors require a lot of maintenance, such as painting, sanding and refilling of wood. Aluminum frames provide some respite but they too are highly vulnerable to rusting. uPVC windows, on the other hand, are a perfect substitute for both. They are made by using a plastic substance that is both highly durable and resistance to the adverse effects of the elements, including fire, water, snow, etc. Cleaning them is also an easy job and can be done with the use of a wet cloth and cleaning liquids. To obtain the original shine, all you have to do is wash and wipe.
  • Cost Efficiency: uPVC windows and doors can be purchased at similar prices to their identical aluminum and wooden counterparts. They also provide value for the expenditure because they can last for a longer time.
  • Safety of Product: Wooden doors and windows can be easily broken into. This is yet another area where uPVC products take the lead. Their firmness and strength match that of the aluminum frames. However, to utilize their full potential, it is advisable to install a good quality locking system, probably a multi point locking system.
  • Beauty: uPVC windows and doors allow light to recede through their frame. This can help create beautiful contours in the living space.
    uPVC Windows vs Composite Doors

Composite doors are the latest offering from the house furnishing industry.

These doors are designed keeping in mind the common shortcomings of the single material doors. These utilize a unique combination of materials, handpicked for their specific properties, to create a combination that effectively weeds out the old flaws.

Some of the materials used are PVC, insulating foam, wood and glass reinforced plastic (GRP). The subsequent product is extremely strong and secure. A composite door is even more weather resistant than its uPVC counterpart and the insulated foam core provides extended heat resistance.

These doors are specifically designed to resemble wooden doors, but, unlike wood, they neither get discoloured nor do they fade or require extensive maintenance. upvc windows and doors provide all such capabilities and at lower costs.

Bi Folding Doors made of uPVC

Bi folding doors made of uPVC are designed to meet the needs of contemporary households that combine beauty and utility. Here the door panels are configured into several folds, which provide greater versatility. This means that the doors take up very little space at the entrance or exit but provide optimal lighting with minimum obstruction to movement. The wider opening allows the owner to have a much better view of the outdoors and attached garden all year round. These doors are also ideal for installation in areas where a partition is required between rooms or where the exit leads to a patio.

Some manufacturers are providing even more superior forms of bi folding doors. These revolutionary products offer a smooth and simple functionality with the use of a top or bottom rail concertina mechanism rather the conventional top hung system. The door system has a slim panel gap, which offers increased aesthetic appeal.

These products can be used to create a glass wall up to 6 metres wide. They can even come with a 10 year guarantee.

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