What can you do to your home to add value?

Improving Your HomeHome improvements are big business, they make money not only for the suppliers but for homeowners as well. But, as with many things in life, what you get back is not equal to the time & effort spent in doing it. So what are the best investments when it comes to home improvements – According to general consensus, here are 10 home improvements that give a goo return on your investment in terms of re-sale value & appeal to buyers.

  1. Front & back garden revamp
  2. Exterior make over – painting cleaning, broken gutters, dirty windows, broken roof tiles etc
  3. new floors and and carpet
  4. New bathroom
  5. New Kitchen
  6. loft extension
  7. parking space
  8. conservatory
  9. house extension
  10. new or refurbished roof.

There are loads of thing you can do, but not all require 1,000’s of pounds – never underestimate the value of new carpets, curtains and a good coat of paint to impress folks. You can see information and prices for all types of home improvements at https://www.mylocalprices.co.uk/

Improving Your Home and Adding Value
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