How much do front & back doors in UPVC cost these days?

UPVC Front and Back DoorsThat’s a very good question and to answer that you have to ask a few more first and then check out a buyers guide.

Here are some of the basic questions that you need to know the answers for in order to figure out prices forĀ UPVC Front and Back Doors.

  1. what type of material do you want the door made from?
  2. what size door do you want?
  3. do you need side or top panels?
  4. what colour do you want?
  5. is it supply only or fully fitted prices you need?

these 5 basic key points will greatly determine the cost of a new front or back door – but to get the correct figure, once you have an idea of the basics, you need to call an expert to measure-up and produce a written quotation.

Always use a FENSA, CERTASS or GGF registered installer as this means you are dealing with a competent company. These trade bodies vet their members regularly -including checking out their work standards.

DGCOS is another trade body that provides a lot of protection for consumers. You should take a look at them to find out how they can give you protection.

Not only that, but working with an approved contractor means that they should be aware of all the new legislation & regulations – such as New Front Door Design Laws Coming 2019?

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