Casement Hardware: The Ins and Outs of Casement Hardware

When it comes to windows that provide a great breeze into your house, casement windows have you covered. These are the windows that open sideways.

Other windows slide up/down or left/right but don’t actually open into the breeze. These windows are designed to scoop the wind into the home.

Double Glazed Casement WindowYou can usually recognize them by the crank handle on the frame or windowsill. The locks for these windows are actually considered more secure because they actually use a hook mechanism that latches into the window frame itself. They are often considered the most open to the outdoor environment.

Casement Window Hardware is very easy to use but should be maintained.

Because the hardware is less familiar to most customers, you might wonder what to do should a crank break or the window become difficult to open. Most hardware stores carry Casement Window Hardware in the windows section. When you apply pressure to the crank by turning it to open the window, the window itself (assuming it is unlocked) should open freely without much effort.

If it seems to stick or is very difficult to open it may need to be repaired or cleaned. If you try to turn the crank and it is very hard to open, stop before the crank breaks and begin the process of repair.

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If stuck, you will want to check several areas and replace the Casement Window Hardware where needed. It is possible that there is some debris in the lever that drives the window out. As you open the window, verify it is free from dirt, pebbles, leaves or any other debris that may have entered.

Also, you will want to make sure all of the connecting pieces are tight. If you find a piece loose, simply tighten it and this should resolve the issue. If needed, remove the crank case from the windowsill, being very careful to not lose any parts, and make sure there is no dirt in there as well.

If you need to replace the Casement Window Hardware, simply take the broken or damaged piece to your local hardware center to verify you are getting the same type in return. If you know the brand of your window, inform a specialist so they can help ensure you are matching parts correctly. With these windows you can enjoy maximum environment.

With proper care, they’ll last a lifetime.

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Double Glazed Casement Window
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